Zentangle with Zenjo Art – Beginners 6 week course

1.     Introduction to Zentangle

This session will provide the beginner with a background in the history of Zentangle, introduce you to the basic steps of the Zentangle Method and the associated vocabulary and tools used.

You will be immersed in creating Zentangle tiles and will leave with a clear understanding that, “Anything is possible – One stroke at a time.”

We will focus on the calming and relaxing benefits that a regular Zentangle practice can bring and see how you can tangle your way to positivity.

2.     Beyond the Basics

This session introduces new tangles and techniques and allows you to become familiar in the use of the materials and the concept of tangles and the techniques introduced in the Introduction Class.

This familiarity, and the calm repetitive method of drawing, enables you to relax and unwind and feel the positivity of ‘open-eye’ meditation.

3.     String Along

After you complete an Introduction Class there is always that question, “What is next?” There are many answers to this question but a great next step is a class that breaks down an integral part of the Zentangle Method, the ‘string’ or guideline.

I will show you how, by creating some simple boundaries and guidelines, this gives you a freedom of creativity and allows you to tap into the ‘zen’ part of tangling.

4.     Come out of the Shade

Grey does not mean drab and boring!! Quite the opposite!

Your Zentangle Art really comes alive by adding your ‘touch of grey’. This class will look into all the paths you can take with your pencil once the tangling is done. You will learn tangles that have unique shading options and see how simple shading techniques can transform you work and give you a feeling of achievement.

5.     Add some Sparkle!

Sometimes life needs a bit of sparkle! Relax and get a twinkle in your eye.

In this class we will explore a variety of techniques which we call ‘enhancements’. Learn how to add shine, ‘sparkles’ and depth to your tangles, how to add weight to the line and more.

6.     Bold with Black

With a new tile colour and new pens you will learn to create with white on black.

Working in the negative can be so very positive! A new focus will reinforce what you have learned along the way and show you yet again the ‘Anything is possible!’.

Throughout the course you will be introduced to new tangle patterns as well as use the ones you have already learnt along the way explored.

I will focus on supporting you to feel the benefits a regular Zentangle Practice can give to each person through gratitude, relaxation and stress reduction when creating with the Zentangle Method. Release the creativity you have inside of you……. ……and of course, produce some wonderful Zentangle art, too.

Cost: £135.00 per person includes class materials and a full starter kit (£125 if you bring your starter kit).

Materials available for purchase.

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Relax with the Zentangle Process and reduce your stress and anxiety. Increase your self-esteem, confidence and sense of achievement by finding your inner creativity and having fun.

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